All meetings suspended - COVID-19

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Effective immediately, and until further notice, Barrowford Parish Council cancels all physical meetings in order to minimise the spread of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) responsible for the latest Covid-19 pandemic.

This means that there will be no Full Council (every 3rd Wednesday of the month), no General Purpose Committee (every 1st Wednesday of alternate months) and no Working Groups (ad-hoc). All community group meetings at Holmefield House are also cancelled until further notice.

Physical visits to the office at Holmefield house will be prohibited until further notice.

All business will be conducted via email and virtual meeting where possible. The clerk will continue to operate out of Holmefield House, answering the phone and emails, as far as is possible, and all work in progress will continue as long as it does not involve physical proximity with members of the public.  You can contact Iain Lord, the clerk, via phone or email see contact page.

Members of Barrowford Parish Council will endeavour to do our part to “flatten the curve” (Fig. 1) to minimise infection rates and alleviate the burden on our already stretched health service.

We recommend that people of Barrowford and beyond follow NHS guidelines for self-isolation and hand hygiene. Remember, it’s not about whether you get ill but more about whether you pass the virus to other people, like your friends, who then pass it on and/or get ill.

There will be tough times ahead. We need to look after ourselves and take care of our neighbours, especially those who may be very vulnerable.

The situation is fluid and further updates will be posted when required.  Keep checking the NHS guidelines for updates.

Watch this excellent Youtube/Vox video about fighting Covid-19:

This stement is available as a PDF from our website.