YES - Barrowford Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result

On 14 Nov 2019 the residents of Barrowford voted in a referendum, "Do you want Pendle Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Barrowford to help it decide
planning applications in the neighbourhood area?" Yes|No

The result was "YES"!

On 15 Nov 2019 the result was announced on Pendle Borough Council's website.

  Votes Recorded
Number cast in favour of Yes 728
Number cast in favour of No 174


Pendle Borough Council will issue a formal Decision Statement and take a report to a future Council meeting to formally “make” (adopt) the plan.

The Plan comes into effect following a positive referendum result, so it will be a consideration in the determination of planning applications from 15 Nov 2019.

There is a six week period in which a judicial review challenge could be made, but hopefully that won’t happen.

Barrowford Parish Council would like to thank, in particular, Paula Fizgerald and Michael Wellcok from Kirkwells, and John Halton from Pendle Bourough Council: we could not have produced this without you.