Barrowford Response to Pasture Lane Planning Application

Our response to planning application 21/0949/FUL, housing estate off Pasture Lane, Barrowford.

In summary the application should be refused for the following reasons;

  1. Development of this scale would compromise the rural character and have a detrimental impact on landscape views within and out of the area contrary to policy ENV1and
    Barrowford Neighbourhood Plan policy BNDP 08
  2. The development would create an urbanising feature which would erode the visual qualities of the historic field patterns contrary to policy ENV1
  3. Impact on the two PROWs which have not been fully considered or described as part of the application, contrary to policy ENV1
  4. Inappropriate suburban housing with no consideration of the surrounding context contrary to ENV2
  5. No integration with the surrounding area, creating a separate urban extension into a green field site contrary to policy ENV1
  6. Increasing pressure on the social infrastructure, which is already at capacity, including health schools and roads, contrary to Policy ENV7
  7. Detrimental impact on existing drainage systems placing increasing pressure on known drainage ‘hot spot’ areas contrary to policy ENV7
  8. No proper consideration of the Biodiversity New Gain which the site should be bringing forward, contrary to policy ENV1
  9. A lack of any form of renewable energy considerations and designing for climate change contrary to policy ENV2
  10. Unbalanced mixture of housing type, not fulfilling requirements set out in policy LIV3

Download the full document here: